Welcome to Tooth Mountain Farms

in Karjat, where nature's serenity meetssustainable living on our sprawling20-acreproperty. Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of the Karjat region,Tooth Mountain Farmsoffers a unique farm stay experience that allows you to connect with the earth and indulge in the tranquility of rural life.

At the heart of our farm is our commitment to sustainable farming practices. We pride ourselves on adhering to"cow-based" sustainable farming techniques, ensuring that every aspect of our operation is ecologically responsible and harmonious with the environment. We maintain our ownfarm-to-table restaurant, where you can savor delectable dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients grown right here on our farm.

But our passion for sustainable living doesn't stop there. We also produce a range offarm-made productsthat capture the essence of our land. AllTooth Mountain itemsare sourced either directly from our farm or from certified vendors and sister farms who share our dedication to sustainability. We believe in using only"native" and "indigenous" crops, harnessing the unique flavours and qualities of our region's produce.

In line with our commitment to seasonal freshness, we bottle our produce at the peak of its flavour, ensuring that every product bursting with the goodness of nature is made available to you. And now, we are excited to bring the essence ofTooth Mountain Farmsto the online world, making it easier for you to experience our sustainable offerings wherever you may be.