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Sengdana Chutney

Sengdana Chutney

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Keeping with the traditional of encouraging local customs & food in our menu. The humble “Sengdana” chutney or spicy peanut chutney is a very “Maharashtrian” accompaniment with meals. Peanuts are grown easily in the soil here & mixed with a spicy red chilly powder give that perfect digestive and nutritional punch to the otherwise dull & hard-to-digest cereals such as Bajra (millet) which is commonly eaten in Maharashtra. Try our farm-made spicy chutney which make a great accompaniment with any meals. Our peanut is sourced locally using the most sustainable farming techniques. 

Tooth Mountain products have created for conscious consumers who are looking for farm fresh products. At Tooth Mountain Farms we practice “cow-based” sustainable farming. We also source our products from certified vendors or sisters farms following sustainable practices. Our product is always made during the seasonal cycles of the produce and are bottled at our very own farm café.

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